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National Eco-homes Open Day events
How to organise a successful Open Day event...

Would you be interested in organising an open days event for eco-renovated or new build eco-homes in your area? COIN is promoting a model, which is well tested and effective and helping to build a national scheme of
ecohouse open days.

If you are interested we can help you with personal advice,
contacts and a pack containing all the materials you will need.

 To order the 'How to do it' pack
toni (at)

or get more advice and support from our team - by calling
01865 403334

The scientific consensus is that for the UK to play its part in helping
the world avoid a rise of more than 2°C, we must reduce our carbon emissions
by 80 per cent by 2050. The household sector represents 27 per cent of our
total emissions and achieving deep cuts here is an imperative.


    On-line advice is useful, but what people told us they really
    wanted  was to speak directly to people and see things for

    themselves. So we  teamed up with Climate X  - 
    <  > and 18 householders in Oxfordshire to open
    their houses to the public during one weekend in November last year.
    Although there are other projects in the UK to open eco-houses to
    the public, this was the first event to open a large number of
    houses at the same time inspired by successful model of heritage
    open days and open gardens.

    The event was highly successful - more than 600 people made at least
    1,200 visits (we say 'at least' because some houses became so busy
    at times that they lost track of the number of visitors!). We built
    a dedicated mailing list of 350 new contacts.  Both visitors and
    householders gave very positive feedback suggesting  that the event
    had, as anticipated, met a major need and had made  eco-renovation
    more realistic, possible and desirable. The event also  got
    excellent coverage in local media, a piece in The Times, and
    coverage on BBC World television.

To view the report of last year's event, click here...
    COIN is now seeking other organisations that would like to replicate
    the  open house model (or develop their own) in their own area. We
    are hoping to build sufficient coverage that we could work towards a
    national  scheme on the same weekend or week.
    So far (this year) we have provided advice to two further open house
    schemes: Llanidloes Energy Solutions in Wales This followed our
    scheme very closely
    Brighton and Hove Eco-Open Houses This is working within the same
    format but with very smart materials and including new build.
    We are working closely with Sustainable Energy Academy Old Home
    Super  Home 
    project which is developing a national network of eco open houses.
    SEA is dealing directly with the house owners, whereas we are
    dealing  with local organisations to bring together house owners
    into a local  scheme. SEA was a major partner in our first openday
    We are also talking with the Heritage Open Days scheme about ways
    to  work together. The schemes are handled by the Civic Trust under
    their  different national organisations in Scotland, England and
    Wales and all  three have shown a strong interest in working with
    us- either this year  or next.
    We can pass on our experience, advice and contacts with other
    organisations. We will tell you of any ecohouses that we know of in
    your  area (and suggest ways that you could find some). We will also
    send you  an electronic pack containing:

        * A spreadsheet for finding houses
        * A summary of our experiences and advice
        * Leaflet and poster templates
        * Financial advice and time guides
        * Two page write up template Information packs for participating
        * A template press release
        * Template feedback forms
    You are welcome to use these materials as they are, or adapt them
    to  your own needs. We would also welcome anybody interested to be
    part of our Ecovation case study list . You
    don?t need to be located in Oxfordshire to share your experiences?
    If you are interested in knowing more please contact
    George - george(at) or
Antonia - toni(at)
    We can send you the pack or, if you would prefer, start with a phone    

    Please also pass this information on to any other organisations that
    might be  interested in hosting an open house event.
    Thanks for your interest! The Ecovation team is looking forward
to working with you!!!

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