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Oxfordshire Ideal Green Homeshow 2010

Following the Ecovation Open Day event in September 2009
we have another exciting event coming up:

From conversations with a variety of ecovators and written feedback from the Ecovation Open Day event, we gathered, that the hardest bit of eco-renovation can sometimes be the finding of suitable, experienced and specialised ecovation professionals. Whether you have just moved into a new house and want to eco-renovate it from the base upwards or whether you want to add more eco features to your urban flat - we hope to give you an idea of what can be done and who might be able to help you with your personal plans.

About 25 different organisations and professionals including architects, builders, material suppliers and energy experts took part to introduce ecovation possibilities and up-to-date procedures and techniques.

There will be a loads of presentations from ecorenovation professionals and from local ecorenovators who have done it themselves and are ready to share there experiences with the growing numbers of people choosing to save loads of cash as well as loads of carbon, by ecorenovating.

If you are organizing or know of an event related to
eco-renovation and would like it to be displayed on this
website, please contact us on
ecovation (at)

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