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Oxon Ideal Green Home Show 2008
(Presented by COIN, ClimateXChange and the
Oxford City Council)

Stall holder's entries:

Energize Oxford

Emission Strategy Solution
Andy Paterson Architects
Simply Green
Architect Hess Kincaid Leach
Insulation Solid Wall
Mould Growth Consultant
JHS Pwer Solutions
Rain Unlimited
Alpha Energy Solutions
Race Energy

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Energize Oxford

Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint
Worried about your bills and your carbon emissions? Energize Oxford can help. Using the latest methods and software, we carry out a comprehensive energy audit of your home and lifestyle. The analysis shows current consumption and what to do to reduce it.

Power in your hands
Many people know they need to do something but don’t have the time or know where to start. Our report will help you take actions that suit your time-frame and budget. It makes financial as well as environmental sense to call us now.

Take action today
Start now! Call or email us now to make an appointment to audit your home


Martin Carr
Mobile: 07887 607044

Emission Strategy Solution Limited (flood prevention)

Whether you’re at risk from flooding, or have already been flooded, we offer
you a starting point for  help. Our carefully selected recommended products
and our flood services  help you take control of this big risk.  
Our recommended products include established, kite-marked, flood prevention
kits, and an innovative flood  detector offering early-warning of storm or
sewer drain overflow.
You can participate in basic or detailed workshops to understand the flood
planning process, or produce a signed-off flood plan.  If you’ve been flooded,
we offer a chance to step back - turning this disruption into an opportunity
to reassess your future.

Sue  Priest
Managing  Director
Emissions Strategy  Solutions Ltd
Creating Competitive  Advantage from Climate Change
T: 01295  278686 

Andy Paterson Architects

Andy Paterson Architects specialise in a range of largely domestic architecture from historic to contemporary; we are equally experienced with conservation, renovation, extensions or new build.

Our work is defined by the very specific within the wider context of sustainability; the principle is to minimise a building’s energy use while maximising its spatial potential.

We advise on and can become involved with projects from concept to completion. Our experience is hands-on as well as design based and we make good relationships with both client and contractor.

Ben Tanner
01865  711 266 or
07871 420 368

Andy Paterson
07855 301 568


GreenScapes provides design  expertise for the creation of sustainable
gardens. We specialise in the design of rainwater management systems and gardens with low water use, and use plants  to help conserve heat in the house in winter and reduce overheating in summer. 

Biodiversity is also a priority, and we encourage the use of indigenous plants, and natural methods of pest and disease control, to create wildlife-friendly  environments. For hard landscaping projects we choose our materials with care to  minimise the ecological footprint, and promote the use of recycled aggregates, rammed earth, dry stone walling and lime mortar.

Sarah Milliken
Sunnyside Cottage
Fordwells, Witney
OX29 9PP
tel. 01993  878324 

Simply Green

Simply Green makes your home green. We provide everything you need to
upgrade your home, from helping you understand all of the options and advice
on the best investment through to installation and finance choices.

We provide a free book packed with all the information you need on going green
Our experts recommend the most suitable improvements for your specific home
We organise and manage installation on your behalf
Smart finance schemes to make payment as easy as possible

Caio Buzzolini

01865 399 468

Architect Hess Kincaid Leach

Hess Kincaid Leach are Eco Architects dedicated to Environment conscious building. We are a RIBA Chartered Practice.  We have extensive design and construction experience.
Having studied specifically Green and Bioclimatic Architecture, our design expertise includes: Passive solar housing, integrating active energy systems, sunspaces and how to integrate them, retrofit and new build energy efficiency with thermal and energy modelling.
Our projects include passive solar houses, listed and historic buildings, extensions, and eco renovations.
We embrace a holistic approach, looking at each project in the round; we see the building as an organism rather than a machine, where above all, human beings play a part in designing and living a complete solution.

01865 249691


Aqueco can help you to improve energy and water efficiency in your home. We give a detailed appraisal of your existing heating and plumbing with a range of clear options to make your home more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run. You choose the improvements you want, and we'll make them for you.

Nick Atkinson
07791 131 850

Mould Growth Consultants
Insulation Solid Wall properties

There is an increasing focus on carbon emission reduction and the initiatives to tackle the more difficult energy-inefficient properties and reduce heating bills.  Solid wall homes with brick, stone or concrete walls are generally energy efficient, having much lower SAP ratings than corresponding cavity constructed properties.  An unfilled cavity wall loses approximately 35% of heat through the wall, however, if you live in a home with solid walls, you are losing a staggering 45-50%. 

In the UK today there are approximately 24.5 million dwellings, 36% are solid wall construction, a total of some 8.8 million homes.  In addition to heat loss, there are additional problems of risks to health from cold.  They are more prone to condensation and black mould, hence solid wall properties have become known as “Hard to Heat Homes”.  However, there is now an economical solution available which is a fraction of the cost of any other type of insulation and can be installed on a DIY basis.

SEMPATAP THERMAL is thermal insulation on a roll, as easy as wallpaper to apply which dramatically reduces heat loss through cold walls and ceilings.

SEMPATAP THERMAL is approved by The Energy Saving Trust as an energy saving product and is also an EST “Recommended” product for the insulation of solid wall homes.

SEMPATAP THERMAL can be applied very quickly with hardly any mess and it does not necessitate vacating the property.  It can be decorated with virtually any finish – emulsion, wallpaper, even tiles and has a life expectancy of 30 years.   The benefits are immediate warmth and comfort, reduced risk of ill health and lower fuel bills.

SEMPATAP THERMAL can be applied to all types of solid wall properties and there is also a variety for floors, it is applied in the following way.
Firstly, prepare the walls to be insulated – if there is black mould growing on the walls and ceilings this must be treated strictly in accordance with MGC’s  specification for the eradication of mould growth.

Apply Sempatap Adhesive, which is low odour and water-based, by roller, brush or notched trowel to ceiling/wall surface.  Only apply the adhesive to one drop length area at a time.  For subsequent lengths apply the adhesive not only to the wall/ceiling area but also to the edge of the previously hung length of the Sempatap.

Apply foam side to the wall.  Roll up the cut length with the foam side facing out.  Apply the insulation to the wet adhesive at the top of the wall or at the junction of the ceiling and wall.  Smooth out with light level hand pressure.  When in required position, apply firm hand pressure and using Sempatap Spatula smooth out any air pockets.

Paul  Munnion
Mould Growth Consultants

JHS Power Solutions

Independent suppliers and installers of Solar photovoltaic panels and tiles.
JHS are experienced Solar PV installers of both domestic an, public sector and commercial systems.
We are a member of the REAL (Renewable energy Assurance scheme). We provide free consultations and a site survey with no hidden costs. All our installations are individually designed to fit the needs of our clients and we cater for new builds and retro fit installations.
JHS are fully certified with the BRE and EST (Energy Saving Trust) and will help you every step of the way with your grant application.

JHS power Solution
Angie Hill
01295 768262

Rain Unlimited – Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Unlimited was founded in 2006 by two friends from Abingdon.
We install large underground water tanks, collecting water efficiently anywhere in your garden and your home.
We are not linked to any manufactures and will always seek the most cost effective solution, and only use approved and certified products.
Grey Water installations require extensive plumbing and additional filtering. You should seriously consider this option, when you are renovating your bathrooms.
Amatsia Kashti
01235 523266

Alpha Energy Solutions

Alpha Energy Solutions is an independent consultancy based in central Oxford with expertise in the energy performance of buildings. We can provide Energy Performance Certificates from a BRE accredited assessor for any domestic building, but additionally specialise in older, traditionally built properties including listed buildings and those in conservation areas. Contact us by telephone or e-mail for an initial assessment free of charge.

Michael Humphries
Alpha Energy Solutions   
Telephone 01865 247591

Race Energy Paul Colbourne

Renewable, conventional and efficient energy
products and solutions

Our business has 40 years of experience, is CORGI registered, holds a city and guilds in heating efficiency.

We have a showroom and accredited training centre with
working installations of:

Thermal Solar
Heat Pump
Wind turbine
Rain water management
Sun Pipes and
High efficient gas and electric heating

We offer breakfast mornings as well as training and seminars.
Visit for full list of events and services

Charly on

For a complete Oxfordshire Eco renovation directory  -
download the pdf directory...

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