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If you have eco-renovated your home and want to share your experiences, useful tips and thoughts about your work, you are warmly invited to become part of Ecovation's case studies. Just write up some details about the ecovation process (using the suggested structure below) and send it to:


Your information will be uploaded onto the Ecoavation web site as soon as possible. If you wish to discuss any of your writings with the editor or ask further questions, please do so. 

The Coin team hopes to reach readers from a wide spectrum and invites you to inspire others with your own case study. These are important examples of how to step into a 'low-carbon'- future!


eg: Extensively renovated 1890s Oxford semi

General description:

up to 100 words describing the project and the stage it’s up to

Vital Statistics

When it was built, what sort of house (semi detached, terraced etc) and how many rooms, what it’s used for now / any planning restrictions

Annual energy use

Do you have data for this? If not you can work it out – see …for more info..or why not sign up to measure now.

About us and why we did it

Heating and Power

What sources are you using and why, how effective are they?


Make a note of any insulation in your house – loft, cavity wall, solid insulation and double glazing. If you haven’t got it everywhere let us know why so that others can learn about relative expense of it.

Water and Sewage

Describe any used techniques and sources.

Top Tips

Note useful lessons that you learned from experience

Low carbon life style

Describe any behaviour, that helps you reducing your carbon emissions...

Photos of the house/ features

Please include any relevant photos

Who did you go to for advice and info?

Please cite relevant people / info / builders etc

Thank you for taking part!

 If you are already part of our case studies, please feel free to send us any updates of your project (including new images)!

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